Augustine & Janefrancis Foundation was Incorporated on 31st August, 2023. The foundation is made up of three trustees which includes:
1. Pastor Devine Emmanuel Elom, Pastor Devine is the general oversea of Glory of the cross church of God. He is from Ebonyi State and has been a source of ideas to this generation also a worthy example for us and those around him. Pastor Devine has been appointed the spiritual director of Augustine & Janefrancis Foundation, we are here today is a product of his effort.
2. Janefrancis Chinonso Onyeji, Janefrancis Chinonso Onyeji is from Arondizuogu also a graduate of Abia State university, Abia State. Janefrancis Onyeji has been appointed the welfare director to Augustine & Janefrancis Foundation. Her input to this effort is really uncountable.
3. Augustine Okezie Obioha, Mr Augustine Okezie is the chairman of IPOFG INT LTD, he is ordinary member of charted institute of insurance, Nigeria (CIIN), He has been a gorilla marketer to many multinational companies, Mr Augustine Okezie graduated from Imo State university and was born on 21st October, he is a pronounced son of Arondizuogu in Imo State. He is the founder of Augustine & Janefrancis Foundation.

Augustine & Janefrancis Foundation formed with the following aim/objectives:
1. Helping the needy: Both sick ones, poor ones, widows, orphans, are categories of the needy who may need our help in accordance with AUGUSTINE AND JANEFRANCIS FOUNDATION policies
2. Speaking for the voiceless: Those who are in prisons, police station or detention due to misinformations, intimidation or undue influence fall within the the category of people we speak for
3. Promoting the work of God: Financing church projects, financing evangelism or supporting church activities falls within this category and also a delight aspect of our calling.
The foundation is not a profit making organization but to fulfill the call of God upon the founder; Augustine Okezie, Janefrancis Onyeji and that of the spiritual director (pastor Devine Emmanuel). The foundation will accommodate partners from local and international individual or companies that believes in humanitarian and work of God.